Long time, no post…

I don’t even have a brilliant excuse for not being around. Just been busy. New job and moving, mostly. That whole “reality” thing.

But recently, I’ve been rediscovering my relationship with food in terms of the differences between things I love and things I can’t live without. Why the reevaluation? Due to being insulin resistant thanks to PCOS, and developing fairly strong hypoglycemia levels (and the random really high spikes — this is apparently common in the combination of things, and all I have to say is it sucks!), my doctor decided to try an experiment:

  • No sugar. Okay, I can live with that, really, I’m still working on losing weight, that’s cool.
  • No wheat. Um………………………………. yeah, no.
  • Nothing that lists on the Glycemic Index at above 50. Ugh.
  • No red meat. But I love steak! And really good burgers!
  • Extremely low carb, in general

That’s nice, thanks doc! I started this a week ago Wednesday, and I’m still about wanting to kill something for a slice of bread (especially when kitchenMage [mom] is taunting me with posts about her bread and making bread for Mother’s Day and I can’t have any! *pout*)

So stay tuned, I actually have a lot of posts stored up in my head, I may be playing catch-up this weekend. I have some recipes from before this last week of insanity to post, and some ramblings about the whole “low carb experiment” as well. But since kM’s been poking at me, I wanted to at least post and say I’m not dead. Yet. But if anyone waves a fresh baked… anything in front of me at the Farmer’s Market today, I can’t make any promises about the outcome!


2 Responses to “Long time, no post…”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’ve been taken off all meat, and am supposed to restrict the sugar/carbs. Also wheat should be low on the list. Off to look for cookbooks now!

  2. That sounds tough! Try googling Ayurvedic Kapha diet, might give some ideas for a bit of variety.

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